Mini apple pie on a roll

Today I should be finishing the Royal Design Stencil makeover in the Powder room…


I had to go to the grocery store and our sitter suggested we make apple pie cupcakes. Sure, why not make a fancy dessert mid day? It’s summer right? Sometimes you have to stop and have some creative fun. Before you know it kids will be in the school routine and won’t be home during the day to… At this point I was going to say fight, hog up the house and be bored. But I’m choosing not to.

This dessert really didn’t take the hour and 5 it said it would to make. This recipe is somewhat easy because the base of the dessert is those cinnamon rolls in a can that give you a heart attack when you “pop” the tube open.

Wash, peel and chop a couple Granny Smiths

IMG_6893A few basic ingredients


Butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, apples and lemon juice on medium high heat until almost soft.

IMG_6891Open the cardiac arrest rolls and place them in a mini pie pan or cupcake pan or an 8×8 – whatever you have.

Make a crumb topping with brown sugar, butter, flour and more walnuts. This is a about 2 tbls of equal parts.


Top with the apple pie filling mixture and bake at 400 for 13 to 18 depending on your oven.

Top while warm with whipped cream, walnuts and caramel sauce. I made my own with butter and brown sugar.



IMG_6916Now to get back to this…

Honestly, Amy

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