Market on Central

Our one and only trip to the farmer’s market this season. It’s on Central Avenue, just off main street. It’s a bit chilly this am and I’m hoping for some big, red, ripe tomatoes.


The girls are excited. The little one needs a leash, the middle is asking weird questions to the vendors and begging for everything she sees. Thankfully the oldest is just dreaming her way through the crowds taking it all in.

Unlike Sincerely Sara and her market experience I didn’t take home my buys and whip up a delicious, colorful, healthy meal. When we go to a farmers market we like to try the free samples and discover all the handmade items we can’t live without.
Having three girls our eyes are always drawn to the sparkle, colorful, musical, magical wares.


Larita’s cookies, a favorite in Fort Dodge.

IMG_6972Mo’s Angel scents (think scentsy knock off). Lyla must touch all of them at least twice

IMG_6973Kiwanis cotton candy and only $3 a bag. Yes, we bought one…

IMG_6976Handmade rag rugs. So colorful but $36 each?

Street performers and some dancing. Tip – $2

A woodworker’s wares and a quaint saying.

The best booth of all. Girly, swirly, flops, tutus and barretts. Go Crusaders (the girls new school mascot)!

Fresh hot donuts – mmm!

And last but not least the reason we came. The Iowa sweet corn, cucumbers, melon and tomatoes.

Money spent at Market on Central $60

Time spent together on a Saturday morning, priceless.

Honestly, Amy

2 thoughts on “Market on Central

  1. One of your girls gave us cotton candy! What a darling… just the right kind of sass and confidence! -Blessings to you all!

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