10 things I love about back to school supply shopping. Plus free teacher gift printables


  1. $.17 spiral notebooks and the beauty of a box of sharp new crayola crayons.
  2. The kids asking for everything they see, including college calculators, tampons and lap desks
  3. Curling their toes and crying over trying on shoes.
  4. No one moving their cart that’s blocking the one place we need to reach in and grab something.
  5. The total at the checkout being nearly $300.
  6. My husband putting clothes and office supplies in the cart.
  7. Not being able to find a “triangle” for my 5th grader. What is that and why is it on the list? I had to google it. 335-144
  8. Looking through the garden center for end of summer sales.
  9. Peeing a little while sneezing from the smell of the garden center.
  10. Enjoying watching the kids sit on the living room floor ooh-ing and awe-ing each item on the list, writing their name carefully on each item, packing their back pack and modeling their first day of school outfit.

And my personal favorite school supply from days gone by… the Trapper Keeper (mine was purple).

As a bonus I’m sharing 2 back to school teacher gifts and free printable that I’m planning for teachers this year. Both gifts can be found in the Target $1 bin section…SCORE!

The first is from an awesome blog that I follow Landee See, Landee Do

future is bright tag title

The second is chocolate and I feel that’s a necessity. It’s from my new favorite blog, the celebration shoppe


Honestly, Amy

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