P.F. Chang’s lettuce wrap knock offs

I’m making a simple Sunday afternoon lunch for Jim and I. I’m not serving it to the children because I don’t want to hear, “oh barf” when I place it on the table.

One of my favorite restaurants is P.F. Chang’s and one my favorite appetizers is their chicken lettuce wraps.  I found a lettuce wrap sauce at World Market (Hy-Vee has one too). It probably would have been tastier if I made the sauce from scratch but like I said this was a simple after church lunch.


Oh and church by the way – AMAZING! I’ll share a few points after the recipe.

Pork, I used pork instead of chicken. Fry it up in a wok. Remove after cooked and set aside.


Ruff chop up some crinkle cut carrots, water chestnuts and green onion. Add to a hot wok that has 2 tablespoons of oil. I used vegetable.

Wash a head of iceberg and peel off bowls made of lettuce.

IMG_7024add 3/4 of the sauce packet or make your own;

  • 2 cloves minced garlic (fresh)
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup hoisin sauce
  • 2 tsps ginger (minced pickled)
  • 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • pepper sauce (asian chile, optional)

into the mix and simmer until bubbly.

IMG_7030Serve with the remaining sauce and lettuce bowls.

IMG_7031Back to church.

Today our pastor brought it. The message was on Psalm 127:4, you know the one about children being like arrows in the hand of a warrior.


I was so moved by a couple of points, I’m sharing them…


Parenting without the Lord brings anxious toil and is in vain.

Anxiety is a fight for control and us wanting to be God.

Being a helicopter parent is hovering and being obsessed with your childs safety and success above all else. It brings undo fear and is in vain.

We are God’s children first and a parent 2nd. (that’s an amazing thought and perspective)


He equips me and He doesn’t need my help.

My responsibility and His sovereignty.

Working through me for His glory, even in daily mundane tasks.

Who is HE and why HE matters in parenting; To be and to live – Is 43:10


They are gifts to be released, valued but surrendered.

Am I following Jesus?  It’s not what we do it’s who we are.

Arrows are made to fly. It’s a guided system and we can’t save them.





Thanks for listening, I probably butchered it. If you’d like to hear the whole thing – here it is. CLICK HERE then click on Summer in the Psalms – 8/11

Honestly, Amy

6 thoughts on “P.F. Chang’s lettuce wrap knock offs

  1. Oooooo! I love these at P.F. Chang’s and can’t wait to try them! Thanks, Amy! And I love the message, too. Bryan and I are speaking on God’s Vision for the Family this weekend and I’m going to include a couple of these points!

    • Go Sue! Use whatever you like. I encourage you to take 40 mins and listen to the message online. Pastor Doug (our Rob) did a much better job. So glad you liked the post. Miss you and all of HBCD!

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