I am going to a Gala…

The hubs came home a few weeks ago with an invite. An invite to a “Gala” celebrating the 30th anniversary of something or other. It is swanky, in Madison on a night he is off.  Now without Googling it–I am pretty sure a “Gala” is somewhere between a Cocktail Party and a Royal Ball and for this frazzled, country Mama it seems down right magical.

We send in the RSVP and my heart starts to race–I wear “Yoga” (snicker, snicker) pants and T-shirts with flip-flops all year round, my hair in a “Mom-Knot” and I have a Mani/Pedi every 3 years whether I need it or not. What am I gonna wear?!

Since entering the Blogosphere we have continually described our blog as us being real and talking about what we know, “Like I will never blog about fashion, beauty or successful parenting” because I know nothing about those things…So here I am talking about what I am going to wear?

This is where I need your help.

I hit up the internet that very night, looking for dresses that were glamorous and forgiving. I am 40 something and I had 3 big babies and I have gained and lost hundreds of pounds–I need forgiving!  I looked at about 50 dresses online and sent my top picks to my Facebook friends for advice. This is what I chose.

http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/piano-bar-chanteuse-dress This dress is like nothing I have ever worn. I have the Va-Va-Va in me somewhere, I am just not sure if I have any Voom left. I am gonna need a little help in the “foundation” department. Spanx? Any thoughts?

ModCloth, I love these guys! I got 15 % off and free shipping and I found about 600 dresses I want! Maybe I should switch from “Yoga” pants to party dresses. I ordered 3 dresses, all on sale, I got them 4 days after I ordered and they tucked in a free gift! I will be back! Go look! They inspired this Aunt Bea to find my Liz Taylor.

Now, there is one thing about me that has always made dressing up hard. I have HUGE feet! Freakishly large feet. I am over six-foot tall, so I guess I need them for balance!  My size 12-13’s and I go everywhere together and the choice of shoes the flippers and I have are limited.

I went on my bi-weekly trip to the Resale Heaven that is St. Vincent Du Paul in Verona, Wi. (Did I tell you I got a like-new $3,600 leather sectional there for $325)!? I look around for a bit of everything, but I hardly ever look at shoes. The chance of me finding anything I want that fits me is 1 in a 1,000,000.  Look what I found:

Brand New!!  Pinot Noir colored, patent leather, peep toe, medium heel shoes in my size! Like the good Lord made a Drag Queen make a donation just for me!  $8.25! I also looked up the brand on the internet–Le Dame. Lots of really pretty shoes in giant sizes! These shoes were about $100.00 retail!  I really want to wear these!

Ok, for my handbag, I have a little pearl-covered bag that my Mom gave me. Her Aunt Martha gave it to her almost 50 years ago. She used it as a girl for her high school formals and when I was a child pulled it our for Weddings and special occasions. I used it a few times as a teen and she gave it to me a few years back. When I purge my hoard I always pause and hold this tiny thing and  tell myself I will use it someday…this is the day!

Alright, so I am set on the dress, the shoes and the bag…but I need help on the details and I thought I would ask your help to style me….


This-ish…I am no Eva.


I could do bangs?

What about a flower? Have I gone too far?

I know I am not a Movie Star or a Bride. I have thin hair and flowers everywhere. Your Vote?

Nails are next. What are the cool kids wearing these days? Nude? Black? Red? Wine? French tip? I need some advice.  Do I match my toes and fingertips?

Makeup next. Dark, light, gloss, matte. Oh My!  I wore Falsies for my sister’s wedding (eyelashes that is) and I loved it. Should I try again?

And jewelry is still up in the air. Diamonds?  Ahem–I mean rhinestone or pearls? Silver or gold?


I may or may not share my self-tanning debacle but that is off the table. Am I the only one that never has anything but bad, orange, streaks? “Professional Results”–my rumpled bumpkus. Hmmm… it can’t be operator error.  My pale legs will have to carry me.

So, I am putting this our there, any thoughts?

I will show you how it all turned out after midnight the night of the party. Thank goodness I get to take my Prince Charming home with me.

Who wants to style Sara?

Sincerely, Sara

Note: Sincerely is still at Washington Island and without internet and access to the blog. I’m posting for her today. And yes, I miss her too!

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