The Hubs came Home from Haiti

A few weeks ago, I packed up the hubs and sent him off to change the world–How cool is that?! Well I guess I should say I do that most nights. I believe Emergency Room Nurses and Doc’s do have an ability to change lives, I spent a lot of time with those guys.  This time though his commute was a longer one.


A little back story…If you read about my boys and the beds for orphans you know we have crossed paths with a wonderful group and some kids on the other side of the world. One Sunday my hubs and I were talking to a lady at church. She was the one that introduced us to the boys our boys learned to give to. In the very corner of her display was a card with Medical Mission July 2-11. The Hubs gave me a funny look and disappeared. I finished talking and took my seat. He joined me with a hot cup of joe and a text message. He stepped out, sent a text to his kid brother and the rest is mission history.

You see the hubs is one of nine children. He and his bro are friends, real friends. They grew up poor, rejected, without. Sometimes outcasts and without the love and stability that I took for granted.  The hubs has been a critical care nurse almost as long as we has not. His younger brother happens to be an M.D. at 23.  What thrills me is that he felt the call and he answered it. They have skills, gifts–if you will–that I don’t. What if every step they have taken thus far was just to touch a soul half a world away?

I pack his suitcase, I try to think of everything.  Snacks, Scrubs, Flashlight, Lysol…well you never know and I send him away on our 8th wedding anniversary. He is nervous, maybe a little scared….  He calls and leaves a message before he leaves Florida. I have no idea what he will face. I know it will be hard and hot and great and mighty.


The Great White Wonders…Blanco Brothers!

I can’t begin to tell you that I really know what it was like or what they experienced. This is what I do know. Those boys worked a little, rested a little, learned a lot and sweat a lot.

I had little contact with him for almost a week. He called me. His voice sounded tired and weak and the satillite phone was like a wave rolling in and out. I knew he felt God’s presence in that place. I missed him. I cried a little when we said good-bye.

I sent him with strict orders to love up on every orphan he could. Look them in the eye, hug them, bounce them on his knee and find the boys…the ones that gave our boys a lesson in love and love up on them. When he found them, he described them as sad and sullen. I cried! My stooges are drunk with parental love. I kiss their faces and rub their heads and tell them I am glad to be their Mama every night. My heart aches for those boys.

The hubs made friends while there and learned a lot and really enjoyed the journey.


Have you ever seen such a beautiful Human Being?

So the Hubs knows me! He was well-cared for there, in Haiti, with his hosts the Rauschenbergers at New Life International complex outside of Mirebalais.  He may even have been spoiled–purified water, air-conditioning while he slept, Haitian drivers and interpreters. He took lots of pictures and notes about what he ate! I will share that in a special post tomorrow and I will tell you everything I know about his wonderful, caring hosts.

Use your talents. Use your gifts.  If you hear a call, answer it! You’ll be so glad you did!

Sincerely, Sara


5 thoughts on “The Hubs came Home from Haiti

  1. How wonderful that your husband and brother did this. We just can’t imagine the hardships of those less fortunate. I grew up without material things, and my dad died when I was an infant, but I knew beyond a doubt that my mother’s love was my greatest possession. How sad that so many don’t have that.

  2. you are so right — beautiful, beautiful, beautiful children. so sad you had to use the words sad and sullen to describe them. Jesus loves them and knows. thank you for the wonderful photos and your husband’s contributions.

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