A Slice of Saturday with a Cherry on top

Today was a good day. My sister came to visit.  Funny how we lived together for years and years and now we ache for a little time under the same roof.

It feels good to be together. It is loud and crazy and busy. We talk and listen and make lists of things we have to do. I need to give her dishes. Play dress up and show her what I am wearing to the Gala. Thing to try, plans to make, dreams to dream.

Day starts early, coffee, chores, donuts. We leave all 6 of these off springs with Super Sitter Nessa and take 2 hours to lunch and shop at the Sisterslice version of Von MaurSt Vincent De Paul aka St Vinney in Verona.

We speed away with the kiddo’s screaming. We talk about kids and hubs and memories.

We skip the usual Mc Donalds and Subway and stop at a place I have driven past and wondered about…

Jordans Farm Fresh Take Away


AMAZING!!! Everything on the menu looks perfect.

We choose the Bain Mi and Cubano…we each get an unbelievable side dish, Citrus Quino Salad and a cold sweet potato with bacon salad…


Not a french fry in sight and this is a Happy Meal! We get an Ice Cold Mexican Cane Sugar Coke a Cola…in a glass bottle, The way the Good Lord intended.

We sit in the Sun and catch up. Our lunch is fantastic and the shopping is next!

Then the Shopping. When the economy was different perhaps we would have spent the day at the mall, today though is a day to dig for treasure. The Vintage Kitchen Show has past, today is Vintage Toys. What?  The tables are packed with every toy from our childhood. When did we become Vintage?

I want a Denim Jacket.  I didn’t own one when they were cool, I never have, but I am gonna wear one this fall. The great thing about shopping with my sisters is that as we look I hear, “No, No, Maybe, Never, Sargent Pepper, Short Arms, That One!! I get a perfect one, still with the original tags for $7. Honestly gets a like new pair of Nine West wedges for $12.50.

We get the kids a few school clothes. I want to buy Amy’s life partner a tie with avocado’s on it, She won’t let me. We get a few tops and bottoms for ourselves. Now to my favorite part….Brick Brack!

Amy is working on a plate wall for the dining room and I go a diggin’, she on the other hand is making a scene and performing in the sale aisle.

We got home and jumped back into mama mode and made lunch, changed dirty diapers and visited with my folks that came up for the day.

It was a sweet welcome respite and over too soon. They say time flies when you’re having fun and their right. I use cherries I picked up in door county and make 2 pies and a cherry glazed pork roast with parm risotto and braised kale with home-made cherry lemonade for dinner.




We end the evening with a ride on the cherry red ATV and then Honestly tells me she had fun but she’s no longer blogstapated but…


Good thing I have some cherry flavored Mag Citrate on hand (this was a coincidence by the way).

Sincerely, Sara

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