A Slice of Sunday

We grew up in a church where Baptisms where fundamental and formal. Our mom was responsible for washing the baptismal robes. Yes, baptismal robes.

Today on a beautiful, sunny, but not to warm end of summer day in one of the most beautiful parts of Wisconsin on a lake surrounded by pine trees we witnessed 9 people get baptized.

These folks braved a crowd of swimmers and picnickers to publicly express that they are Jesus followers. It was amazing!


But the day started out by bacon and eggs, packing a picnic (in a cute old-fashioned picnic basket that included a place for an extra cherry pie that we baked yesterday) and getting ready for church.


Church by the way brought a message that spoke to each person in our row. It featured clips from Kitchen Nightmares (which at first seemed odd) but brought to light all the points.

The outline was “How To Ruin You Life In 3 Easy Steps”

  1. Ruin, Ignore Your Problems – Improve, Embrace Truth
  2. Ruin, Fear And Avoid All Change – Improve, Embrace Change And Pay Attention To Pain
  3. Ruin, Never Listen To Anyone – Improve, Develop A Teachable Spirit, Begin With A Humble Attitude * Always look for the Kernel Of Truth In Any Criticism *Actively Seek Advice From the Right People

Then we drove out to Governor Dodge State Park and had an awesome picnic of Fried Chicken, Mediterranean Pasta Salad and that Cherry Pie.


The kids loved playing the soft golden sand and wading in the cool lake water. We even took a  paddle boat ride out into the middle of the lake (thank goodness our young sitter with strong legs and knees that don’t crack did most of the paddling). It was so quiet and peaceful but then we realized that our voices echoed between the rock wall and the pines so we yodeled, screamed Hello and our names and laughed.

Back Home for a fire at the burn pit, some more ATV riding and a movie. We all slept soundly.

We drank in one of the last days of summer.


Sincerely, Sara & Honestly, Amy

3 thoughts on “A Slice of Sunday

  1. It was an amazing weekend, Sis! I loved the sermon and the baptism. We have all come a looooong way and I know I have farther to go. Love you much!

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