Hungry in Haiti

I had no idea what the hubs would encounter in Haiti. I sent nuts and granola with a $$$ water bottle filter. I thought the worst that could happen is that he comes home with Malaria, diarrhea and 20 lbs lighter.


Well Fat Chance! My hubs got to meet and stay with some amazing missionaries who run an inn (New Life International) of sorts…for the hands and hearts coming to help. 2 hots and a cot with A/C to sleep at night and a clean bathroom…what more could you ask for? Hey! That is more than I get  around here some days!

Aside from Icy Cold Haitian Coca-Cola’s (made with cane sugar, not high-fructose corn syrup) every day, filtered water, Coconuts…there  were  angels, they’re making these amazing dishes.


There are rice and beans and a lot of spaghetti noodles…. Some things the hubs discovered, white Haitian pineapple, plantains and goat (aka “cabrit”). His favorite bit of Haitian Cuisine was a spicy slaw called pikliz. He loved it!  There are chicken legs a plenty to be had there. All the Tyson types send them over cause we Americans prefer our chicken skinless, boneless and flavorless. My picky life partner cleaned his plate and even ate advocado…a delicious green monster he won’t even allow in the house here.



The children in the orphanages fare better than some outside. There are stories of children filling their bellies with dirt to ease the pain of hunger. They get to eat like this…never.  The Hubs noticed there were chickens, goats running everywhere; they appear to be free-ranging, but there are not. Amazingly, if you ask a nearby Haitian whose goat that one is, he will tell you who the goat belongs to. Most folks in Haiti are dehydrated and in need of vitamins and a bit of iron and protein.

On the final post about this trip, I will introduce you to some Salt and Light. That is to say some amazing folks from the States caring for the sea of Haitians that need love, shelter, clean water, food, Jesus….

Sincerely, Sara

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