There’s MUFFIN like a teach like you – Plus A FREE Printable

Today is the 1st day of school for my “bigs” (I bet they’ll hate that I call them that soon), they are starting 2nd & 5th.



Cute “first day of ____” signs right? I got them free over at – just scroll down the page on their site and you’ll see them.

Or to make it easier on you I just put em on here for you to print out. HowDoesShe_first_day_of_school_signs

I love office and school supplies. I felt I owed it to myself to spend $.90 on a new notebook for “to do’s”.

IMG_7505The night before school started and right after we got home from “unpack your backpack” night. I wanted to make a teacher gift that I have now for 3 years in a row. (I can do this because the girls have been in the 3 different schools in 3 different towns the last 3 years and No, we aren’t in the military)

IMG_7514I like this “gift” because it’s 3 things in 1. A storage box for a teacher with lots of “stuff”. A treat for the first day or the week for that matter – just add coffee. And finally a momento that will remind them of the year they spent with my precious, smart, witty child (ok, I know … but all mom’s feel this way – right?)

I picked up the 3 photo storage boxes at hobby lobby and used my 40% off coupon.

IMG_7504 I purchased muffin mixes for $.98 each in every flavor they had

IMG_7492Each package makes 6 regular sized muffins using a half a cup on milk per package. I used whole milk for extra creaminess and a touch of vege oil (even though it didn’t call for it). I also used my JUMBO muffin tin and one package of mix only filled 2 of the 6 spots in the pan. So for 3 gifts I needed 9 packages of muffin mix.

I like adding “extras” to stuff (call me Sandra Lee of Semi-homemade – wait don’t call me that, I don’t “tablescape”). Like pecans and kosher salt to the plain ole banana muffin mix or cinnamon sugar to the apple muffin mix.

I let the muffins cool for about 3 mins before I covered a wire rack with wax paper set it on top the muffin pan and then flipped em over to release the mounds of warm goodness. I only had one pan so I had to let it cool and then wash and dry it (not fun at 11pm). I also sprayed the pan with Pam before I poured in the batter.

My resident artist (husband) drew the lines on the top of the boxes. You know the large ruled lined paper they give Kindergarteners to practice printing on.? I then printed To: Mrs. _______ From: your child, “There’s MUFFIN like you for a teacher” (I know).


The next morning when the muffins were all cooled, I lined the boxes with a sheet of parchment paper and popped the lids on.

Then we gathered our things and made the long walk from our house to the school (25 feet).

I’m gonna miss them (so is Lyla) but I’m so happy to have them in a Jesus lovin’ school that’s just next door.

Hope you all have a great year with your most precious of assets. (Ask me in a month how I feel about homework, after school snacks, recess duty, bedtime back talk, etc…)

Honestly, Amy

9 thoughts on “There’s MUFFIN like a teach like you – Plus A FREE Printable

  1. Wow, Amy! Great idea and you & Jim make a wonderful team. The girls look beautiful! Praying for the best year yet at school!

  2. Sigh… you have SO much energy! This is a great idea, though, and I’m sure much appreciated by the teachers. How wonderful that your daughters’ school is so close… Hope they both have a wonderful first day back!

  3. Hope your girls are loving Big School. You’re so lucky having school so close by. We have a half hour drive to our son’s school. Love the teacher’s gift (I’ll bet they loved it too), and I always love a good pun!

    • Thanks Saskia! We use to drive 40 mins one way and I HATED it. I understand… Puns make my day (especially after I’ve spent the entire day before racking my brain for a good one). 🙂

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