Hearts for Haiti


There are some people half a world away from my kitchen table here in Wisconsin, people so special I feel I honored to tell you about them. When I sent the Hubs off on his trip I was sure he would survive but not sure he would thrive.


He went with a group from Schools4Haiti and stayed with some delightful Missionaries with New Life International Brian and Jamie,  the Rauschenberger Family. They opened their home and hearts to the Team. They were fed and revived around a large table morning and evening. Jamie even celebrated America’s birthday on the 4th! Giving volunteers a chance to rest in safety and comfort is a tremendous gift. I hear Brian has a twinkle in his eye and a story for everything.  Jamie is genuine, wise, warm and welcoming.

Aside from the respite they offer for volunteers they also have a love for the Haitian people and a mission,” Bringing Safe Water and Abundant Life To A Thirsty World”. Water. Clean, Safe, Abundant and Living  Water. What an amazing and excellent task!water-6

The Hubs and team enjoyed a long, hot church service in a language they didn’t understand with Pastor Benoit. He sat with a  group little boys and enjoyed that they fight and fume and fidgit just like our little boys. The team took a trip to a waterfall after the service to Saut D’eau which means “Jumping down water”. They were warned of danger and disease. There is a group of people there that practice a form of VooDoo, they believe they can scrub away their sins and send their skivvies down the river as a sacrifice. The closer they got the stronger the scent of Ivory Soap became. Seas of people dressed and undressed scrubbing away. My Hubs from Wisconsin knew for sure he wasn’t in Argyle anymore.

They traveled the country in the back of a pick up–How many Hatians can fit in the back of a pick-up you ask?…One More! Riding through 4 monsoon rain showers in the back of said pick up…priceless.


After 8 days of work in Haiti and a few more away, Hubs was weary and ready to be home. Things went so smoothly in Haiti that a few bumps in the road on the way home surprised him. I sat in the dark while the stooges were fast asleep talking to him on the phone. I could hear his heart–He was moved with compassion and excited.


The Team. A special team to me because my family was a part and special to the Hubs because they feel a bit like family now.  He is glad to be home and plans to go again soon.


This world seems upside down and downright overwhelming to me sometimes. Some may say a trip like that was insignificant, like a drop in the ocean…what if that is what your drop was made for?

Sincerely, Sara

2 thoughts on “Hearts for Haiti

  1. This is very special and I had the privilege fo being a part of this awesome team ,whom God put together for “such a trip as this one”!!Thanks for the walk down memory lane..priceless…Lynn

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