Crazy Quick Fresh Peach Cobbler and Sharing some Summer


They say,”life is short, eat dessert first” Well, I thought I would talk about dessert first. I don’t need much dessert really.  I like to eat dinner and snack on something salty in the evenings–Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy a bite or two–but I don’t crave it often.


3 weeks ago, Uncle Sam (real person) brought me a bushel of peaches from the Amish Auction. There were from North Carolina and not quite ready. We waited. Some in a brown bag, some in a basket. I make a Butter Pecan Peach Cake, Peach Up-side-down cup cakes, Raspberry Peach pie. We froze some, we ate some, we hurled some at wild animals trying to eat our garden…but alas, I still have peaches!


The fruit flies are threatening to take over and I am sick of the produce box on the counter. I must act. I must use up the peaches!  Wait, I am busy today. Today is crazy and loud and full of interruptions and I gotta act fast.


I took a few short cuts on this one. Diapers to change, dinner to make, laundry, dishes and everything else means I have to fit this in between hand washing and World War III. I use BisQuick I have in the fridge. I store mine in the fridge, I get fluffiest dumplings and biscuits that way. I also don’t peel my peaches…Call Southern Living and cancel my subscribtion…I just don’t have time.


I have made 2 of whatever dessert I make lately. One for us and one for a neighbor, family or to send to work with the Hubs. No extra work and it is my way to say” Thanks” or show I care.

Wash, dry and slice your peaches. You can also use frozen or canned peaches. (save the pits and give to boys to go plant a pretend orchard to ensure 5 minutes of Peace and Quiet)  Arrange in a 8 inch deep dish pie pan. You can also use Ball jars, they travel well and are great for individual servings. Mix Bisquick according to package directions, (milk, melted butter, sugar etc) I add the seeds of 1/2 vanilla bean, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp cinnamon too. Pour over peaches. I had some Vanilla dusted Almonds that were sitting in the snack drawer long enough, I thought they might add a bit of crunch. I chopped and sprinkled over top before I popped them into the oven.  I poured 2 cups of heavy cream, the other half of the vanilla bean and 1/8 cup sugar and let it  whip while I was clearing the table.  Serve warm with a bit of the whip.


Now, put on a clean shirt, hop into the ATV and deliver the other warm cobbler to a neighbor. Share a bit of the season with someone near or dear.

Sincerely, Sara

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