Cinderella for a day-I went to the Gala


My day started at 6 am–12 hours before we leave for the Gala. Coffee dripping and I am making a plan. I have the usual chores this morning and no rodent friends to help so I buzz along. It is raining outside and we have no internet or TV and the stooges are a bit stir crazy. I better start getting ready.


Now to be clear I am not taking 12 hours to get ready, but with the expected and unexpected interruptions I face everyday–I can’t leave details to the last minute. I clean the bathrooms, make lunch and dinner and press our clothes. I am gonna take a nap with the baby. I usually turn into a pumpkin by 8:00… I need a nap. The Hubs takes the Jr’s over town shopping and I fall asleep faster than you can say….

My sister-in-law is coming to do my hair and watch boys and if I know her she will leave the house cleaner than she found it–Score!  When the family returns from shopping, they fire up the chainsaw and cut firewood–Why not? I crank up the Sinatra on Sirius and take more time to lather, rinse and repeat than I have in years!

I have heard a lot about gel nails–I have neither time or $$ for a mani/pedi so I do one at home. I used Nutranail Gel Nail kit. I am not getting paid to say this…but I liked it! It worked! It was $7.95 for the kit and came with $5 worth of coupons inside. I will use it again. I choose Champaign for my color this time, I think I will try Pumpkin Orange for fall. There is just enough for ten fingers and ten toes and it dries to a patent leather shine in five minutes!

Honestly A shared her jewelry box and gave me oodles of pearls to choose from. I got to use my Mom’s pearl bag and I loved the red shoes. Sis-in-law cut some bangs for me and used the combs from my wedding in my hair. I took a deep breath of oxygen (my last for six hours til the Spanx came off) zipped up my dress and we were ready to go….

We drive holding hands. Neither one of us is sure what a Gala is…dinner? Dancing? Endless Powerpoint Presentations? We arrive at the Monona Terrace after making a plan…If it is miserable we bail early and paint the town red–cause we will never look this good again!

Inside we found a large crowd, donned our Hello my name is tags and went in. Live music, fresh flowers, refreshments and waiters walking around with delicious canapes and napkins.  I meet M.D.’s, D.O.’s, P.A.’s, NP’s, CNA’s, RN’s, and their S.O.’s. It is so much fun to be a grown up, although the subject of the stooges comes up in every conversation.

There was a cupcake bar, an Indian Buffet. I must admit I don’t really know my Satay from my Marsala and to chutney or not to chutney is always the question. I didn’t spend time taking pictures…I really just relaxed and enjoyed…until…

There was another station that I thought was ice cream. We went to sample and I was asked if I wanted Cheese or Mushroom sauce…ummm what?!


What are you looking at? The next generation walking taco…The Mashed Potato MartiniYeah, you read that right. Scoops of mashed potato with mushroom or cheese sauce, bacon crumbles, fried onion, sour cream, chive, truffle butter, shredded Gruyère all served in a martini glass. I blame the schools for the obesity epidemic. I walked around and chatted while carbo-loading for an Iron-man competition, and it was goooood! Where have I been? This is so trendy it is blowing up Pinterest. Check it out–and then your cholesterol and blood sugar!


When the clock struck 10:00 we left the Gala–got invited to tag along downtown with the cool youngin’s the Hubs works with. We left for home late…really, really late! When we got back to the sticks we spent a little time outside under the stars together, neither of us wanted the night to end I think–I like Fancy Hansons. I tell him now that I have this dress he has to take me out at least once a year to use it.

It seems like a dream…I fall asleep and am awakened a few short hours later by the boys. There I am standing in front of the dripping coffee pot 24 hours later….

Now, time to get back to reality…


just kidding!

Sincerely, Sara

10 thoughts on “Cinderella for a day-I went to the Gala

  1. Oh, you looked gorgeous!! So glad everything went well for your big night out. (My friend’s son is getting married next month, and she mentioned having a “mashed potato bar”….??? Never heard of it, but I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like.)

  2. What fun! I think us girls need a little gala from time to time. If I was going to something like that I’d need to buy an outfit cuz my worn jeans and t-shirts surely wouldn’t be welcomed – lol… You looked great! And I just love those shoes – perfect choice 🙂

  3. sounds fun. I love the last picture of you vacuuming like June Clever. Most days when I am with my 3 amigos I have on a T and if we are lucky jean shorts! (rather than running shorts..) I need to class it up with some pearly while I clean the floor. A fun read!!

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