Starting the year off Write.

Honestly A is the crafty one. I have good intentions and little imagination or time. I want to make a gift for the stooges teachers. I sent out a little message on facebook–asking teachers what they would really appreciate. I get feedback that no one wants anything home-baked and school supplies  would be helpful.

I shop for school supplies and make a plan.

Middle sister tells me to look for a free printable. I do…this is what I come up with.

I search for my jars in the recycle bin–is that wrong? A good wash and dry and we are ready to fill.

It is not hard and it is not expensive. $3.00 on candy and $4.00 on pencils.

There it is. We took it to open house tonight. Teachers are special. I like to tell them so.

Sincerely, Sara

P.S. I must tell you, Noah’s teacher quit and they are scrambling to find one so the gift in on a desk that belongs to no one and I gave one to Jonah’s teacher and she said, “I’m diabetic and we don’t use pencils in here”. Oh well–it’s the thought that counts?!?

5 thoughts on “Starting the year off Write.

  1. Yes, it IS the thought that counts…. Hopefully the teacher’s comment wasn’t quite as short as it came across via the “written word”….??? Was she the least bit appreciative?

  2. Wow, great job!!! I guess I would have been more gracious than the diabetic teacher and I have no tact!!! Sorry about that one, they were adorable!!!

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