Blogust, 2013


When my Grandparents would ask me to set the time on their VCR it made me feel really special, smart and technologically advanced. Somehow over the last 25 years I fell behind until recently… Thanks to apps on my iPhone and Rhonna Designs I was able to make the image above to highlight the best of our August posts and it only took me 3 hours to do it (slight exaggeration).

We sisters are so happy to welcome the month of September. It’s the unofficial start to Fall for us. We squeezed the last drop of summer fun out of this season and have put it to bed. Mission Accomplished!

So, if you were not inside most of the month or on your computer but instead enjoying the outdoors or coordinating the back to school to do’s,

here’s a recap of what you might of missed.

The best of August – BLOGUST!

Dinner and Dessert to Dye for

Seeing Red

This ain’t your mama’s pineapple and goose stencil…preview

Madame Secretary, a cup of tea please

You are the bubbles to my bath – FREE Printable

My Boys, Butcher Knives, a Bat and a blog…

Mini apple pie on a roll

10 things I love about back to school supply shopping. Plus free teacher gift printables

P.F. Chang’s lettuce wrap knock offs

The last of summer and 77 out of 100 ain’t bad

Date Night – Lemon Poppyseed Dressing and Lemon Meringue Pie

A Slice of Saturday with a Cherry on top

A Slice of Sunday

Hungry in Haiti

There’s MUFFIN like a teach like you – Plus A FREE Printable

Hearts for Haiti

Crazy Quick Fresh Peach Cobbler and Sharing some Summer

Cinderella for a day-I went to the Gala

Feast Ala Middle East.

Having Herm for dinner

Dream Day

Starting the year off Write.

September! Bring it on!

The Sisters

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