She’s A Perfect 10 – A Decade Of Miracles

Everybody loves their kids, right?  They’re all special, important and smart (I’m starting to quote The Help aren’t I)?

Well, the day Lucy was born (10 years ago today)IMG_7894

brought a familiar stranger,IMG_7895

into my arms and led us down a path that you’ll hear more about here – Wishing I could switch places.


They said she was, “perfect” that she had “a little murmur” but that all babies do and that it would go away. But 5 days later this is us…


They said I “couldn’t stay.” That this was a critical time meaning , “life or death.”  We were told to “go sleep and get some rest”…


I never rested, neither did our family, friends and church. Constant prayers…


At 9 days old she underwent her first surgery, closed heart they called it. An approach through the back. A shunt to help her stay alive until she was big enough, weighed enough, to undergo the major repair necessary to live. We were sent home on a number of meds and orders to keep her from getting sick.


Like mother, like daughter… she ballooned. Failure to thrive, I don’t think so!


Then because she was so “healthy” her heart couldn’t keep up and she started getting sick, again…

And again I worried and feared. And when that didn’t do any good, I prayed until I had no words and I simply said her name to my Father.

IMG_7905She could feel it too.

After surgery was scheduled and canceled twice due to an unknown blood infection the day finally came. The operation that would take all day. She would be on a bypass machine. They would work to remodel her heart but there was no guarantees…IMG_7903God gave us rest and we slept through the night.

Someone came early am and took her from us. We gave her up and admitted that she wasn’t ours to keep. That was almost unbearable.


It wasn’t easy or without set backs. There where complications. We asked God for more time. We believed and prayed and she started to turn a corner.

IMG_7907I had no words and I fought to keep my mind from going to the dark side. I watched her and held her hand mostly, taking in all that she was/is.

IMG_7908Like a dormant flower left in the fall that pops up in spring, Lucy woke and wanted to play. Easily happy and eager to live life.

We took her home and I’ll admit it, never left her side. I watched her like a hawk, I loved her like it was here and now and forever and always. It was the dream I had those months in the hospital. To have her home and in my arms…



Days passed and milestones much anticipated were reached.
IMG_7910Somehow time passed and she turned “1” – All the support people came and celebrated. At 15 months Lucy has renal valve implants to replace some that aren’t formed correctly. I guess when there is a heart defect it’s common for the kidneys to have an “issue” too…

IMG_7913On her way to 2 she thrived, spoke in sentences and made us her biggest fans and worst enemies.

IMG_7917Believing that she was a genius, smart beyond compare and an old soul we started her in pre-school.


She is different from the toddler we know. Shy, caring and sensitive. Healthy and imaginative.

IMG_7922Making friends comes easy and her heart is beating faster. She asks questions that are hard to answer but accepts the answers we give.

IMG_7921-001These are good years that are lived to the fullest.


Lucy gets a work up and check ups more often than I get my hair done and with each one we see that she is outgrowing the repairs made to her heart when she was a baby. Unfortunately the heart grows and the valves and walls molded out of gore tex mesh does not.


Then the day came, we told her that it was time to remodel her heart again. She knew it already. After an abundance of quiet tears she accepted and submitted and we traveled down the road to recovery together.

facebook-photos3This time the Doctors use Bovine material and tell us it should last until her heart reaches adult size, somewhere after puberty. We aren’t thinking about that yet.
538463_4523666612443_455876846_n-001Lucy has some rhythm issues and right after she turned 9 she had a tiny EKG implanted in her chest to monitor the beats. We move far from home and she makes new friends and keeps on growing.


Then this morning at 7:15am she did it, she turned 10. I remember wondering if we would celebrate 5. A decade of sharing, savoring and loving my Lucy. IMG_7841-002

IMG_7892-001She’s everything I’m not and I’m blessed beyond measure to have her as my daughter. We’ve been gifted a miracle, entrusted.

IMG_7818-002Thankful and hopeful, Amy

20 thoughts on “She’s A Perfect 10 – A Decade Of Miracles

  1. She is quite a young lady. Strong, courageous, loving and beautiful! And, I suspect the apple has not fallen far from the tree. Stay strong, Girls. God has his angels surrounding you! Love to you both!

  2. Reliving her life just makes me trust God more and love you all more! God speed, Lucy. God uses you daily for His glory.

  3. A beautiful girl! Held in loving safekeeping by her God and her family. I remember the pancake breakfast we held for her! So thankful to have been a part of that. A prayer warrior too! Love and joy to all of you!

  4. Well thanks so much ya made me cry 30 minutes into my day. Beautiful, What you wrote and who you love are both beautiful. Gotta go put on some more mascara.

  5. Beautiful young lady and an awesome Mom. Someday she will appreciate all you did and that you relied on God through it all. Great testimony of his love and strength. Happy Birthday Lucy and thank you for sharing God’s miracle with all of us Amy!!!

  6. This is so, so beautiful!! I cannot imagine all the heartache and worry you and your family went through during those rough times. What a beautiful young lady Lucy is, and I, too, wish her a VERY happy 10th birthday!

  7. Amy, I had tears reading your story. So very happy for you. I can relate to almost everything. My eldest son, now 9, was born with a rare condition, had major surgery at 9 days (also with a gor tex patch repair), almost died, stayed in hospital for 6 weeks surrounded by machines and lights, and since the day he came home has been a picture of health. Love to you from another lucky mum, across the other side of the world!

    • I have a special bond to any parent that has suffered along side of their precious child. It’s definitely a sorority of sorts. Praise the Lord that your son is alive and well and thriving.

  8. OMG this made me cry so hard. I am so sorry for the suffering you went through, but I thank G-D that you have your baby. May you only know happiness, health, and joy from now on!!

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  10. Oh my gosh, these pictures made me cry hot tears with a crinkled up face at 7am. I cannot imagine the pain you all have been through but what an inspiration to see what a happy, beautiful girl she’s turned in to. Such grace. Love to you all!

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