Black and White cupcakes

Hostess may have closed but we are still craving those cream filled cupcakes around here.

When I volunteered at the girls school a couple of years back I baked a “knock off” and they turned out ok. They tasted good but they weren’t as pretty as the real thing.

These are Lucy’s favorite flavor combination and we have to make birthday treats for school,  this is what we do.


Black and white cupcakes with cream filling

Buy the mix if you’re in a hurry like me. It’s moister and faster. I like the help from that little Doughboy whenever I can get it.


I picked up these cupcake papers and they are adorable. I also got a new piper cause my other one was missing pieces.

We filled’ em with whipped cream, we went in from the top because of the wrappers. Last time I made them I squirted from the bottom. Lucy frosted the top and sprinkled with them with mini chocolate chips.


They taste as good as they look and everyone loved them…everyone. It’s a black and white thing!


Honestly, Amy

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