I’m Allergic To This Burlap Wreath, a tutorial

IMG_7992Can you belive German soldiers uniforms were made of burlap early on? (I bet that felt good!)

It was discovered in India in the 19th century.

You can wrap tree roots around it before planting or wear a shirt made of it on Ash Wednesday so you can purge your flesh.

I bought a yard of this “new” popular material that’s been around since the good Lord made the jute plant and I made a wreath.


I sneezed the whole time and my eyes watered. It didn’t help that I was covered in burlap scraps and used my burlapy covered fingers to wipe my eyes and nose. I may or may not be allergic but it turned out so cute that it was worth it. (que Benadryl)

But I digress, back to the wreath.


 Cut the yard of burlap into 4″strips, then into 4″ squares. 


Take each corner and bring it together (think crab rangoon)

Stick pin it into a foam wreath. I used the 2″ pins and chose a circle shaped wreath. Hob Lob has square, heart, star and cylinder. I may make a couple cylinder and square ones if I can get some allergy shots in me. 


Look how nicely the poofs look, and they easily cover the wreath with no green foam showing through. I’ve heard tell that some folks wrap the wreath with burlap before pinning the squares but I don’t think it’s necessary. Unless your hanging it in a window or on a mirror…


Hobby Lobby had a big ole burlap section. Check out the prints. Makes this natural looking one look like oatmeal.

This is so easy my mom could do it… But she probably won’t. 

I accented with a matching color satin ribbon. I also tried it with a moss covered monogram (that’s another blog post).

422529_3394985556332_1587575600_nH.L. is selling wreaths in all styles and they are charging $89.00. Of course you can always use your 40% off coupon but still!?!? I made this one for $11

Honestly, Amy

23 thoughts on “I’m Allergic To This Burlap Wreath, a tutorial

  1. I saw the printed burlap at Hobby Lobby a few weeks and it blew my mind! I can’t believe the same fabric that feed sacks are made of are now the “chic” fabric to have. I blame Pinterest.

    Your wreath is beautiful! I prefer the natural color myself as well. I’m wondering if they’ve treated it with some sort of spray and that’s what triggered your allergies.

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve seen that burlap ribbon and loved it, but wondered what I could do with it. Now, I know!!! Thanks! (We have a wedding here at our house on Sept. 14 and need to take down my beachy driftwood wreath. This will be perfect!)

  3. Love it. How long did it take to make? I love the neutral color…but was wondering if my yellow door needed more of a color..wouldn’t want it to blend in from the street. I may make this Saturday. And one for a friend. If it doesn’t take weeks like the yarn one did. :). Good blog post friend!

  4. I probably could make it but not sure I want to try! I did see wedding reception decorated with white table covers and burlap runners. All the accents were burlap. Probably lots of dust in the fabric itself. it’s cute!

      • Lots of dust, threads and fibers escape from burlap when you’re working with it. I have cut many a yard of burlap at Hobby Lobby and trust me – it sheds, it itches..I couldn’t imagine using it for a wedding reception, unless it was held outside, but there are many who do. The odor isn’t the most pleasant in large pieces. Now, if I didn’t have to handle the burlap to make the wreath, that would be awesome!

  5. …did that in your spare time, did ya? I’m sneezing and itching just reading your blog. Keep the creativity flowing for more blog material. I love it.

  6. I did a wreath with the “plastic-y” burlap for Christmas-the stuff on a roll and you keep it all one piece and pipe cleaner into a wire wreath. But I LIVE how this works. Though I am not getting the way it’s pinned down 100%. So the two sides are pinched together and pinned down, or the corners? I might have to try this!

  7. I have been looking everywhere for this!! Thanks for posting u make it look easy, but I know burlap is a pain I used it to make flowers for my wedding boquet last year!!!

  8. I sneezed just reading it! (really) 😉 But seriously, it is a beautiful wreath and a fun project. My favorite is the one with the moss initial in the middle.

    Thank you for visiting me too!

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