Rockin a new Paint Job

Black Eyed Susan

I got these chairs from Honestly A–Not sure if I bought them, traded for them or just snatched them when she was sick of them. (I love shopping at her house!) They sat on my porch in Newton, Iowa for a few years. I rocked all my babies in them in the evenings. We sat on them and watched thunderstorms roll by. We invited neighbors and had a chat, rocking away.


Well, like me, they are showing their age. I was thinking it would be fun to clean them up and give them a wiz-bang color. I am thinking something bright and cheerful. I love Black Eyed Susans, I always have. I think that color or the color of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is what I want to try. (I know–designers everywhere are rolling their eyes!)

These gals need a bath and a going over with some sand paper. That sounds pretty good to me too.

(side note, I am a technosoar and somehow lost the pics of all my hard work! )

I used 3 grades of sandpaper. 80 grit, 120 and 180. After a wash with some mild soap and water and a dry in the late summer sun, I got busy. Primer and Paint. I used 6 cans for the 2 chairs. I did notice 1 of the six cans seemed to glop and run. My hubs would usually blame user error, but I did it in the same weather at the same time, shaking the can the same way. hmmm?!? Otherwise I was happy with the coverage and the can did really spray from all directions and had a comfortable nozzle, no drips or mess there.


Ta’da!  These babies are bright and cheery! I think they will be perfect in the 3 seasons I get to use them and I will miss the color when they are stored in the shed in the long, gray winter ahead. No, I didn’t paint a monogram, chevron or mural on them. The important thing is that I DID a DIY!

For now tho, I think I will sit for a moment and relax and watch the hummingbirds and honey bees.


Sincerely, Sara

4 thoughts on “Rockin a new Paint Job

  1. Nothing like a front porch rocking chair….or two! Love the bright cheeriness of them! (Oh, and tell Amy I bought the materials to make the burlap wreath today….)

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