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Almost a year ago-we sisters were chatting on the phone, comparing diaper rash, dinner plans, sleep deprivation and household chores when the subject of blogging came up. Since our career in stand-up never panned out and Martha doesn’t need an heir, blogging seemed the next logical step. We are not writers and photography was not our talent or hobby– we read a few so…lets do it!

So here we are almost 250 posts later. We have learned a lot about blogging, each other and ourselves! We don’t do things just to blog about–but we do blog about almost everything we do! We try to be honest and real and always try to keep the house looking clean in the back ground! We have been blogstipated and had blogarrhea and made some really interesting friends along the way.

Now, we are ready to take a new step and we need your help! Everything in life is measured in some way–including blog traffic and we need you–our friends and followers to become subscribers. Lest you think we are asking for something for nothing–this is what we are offering this month.

September Burlap Wreath Give-Away


Even if you already read our ups and downs and comings and goings everyday we need you to do these to things to enter to win.

  1. Subscribe
  2. Leave a comment on this post

It’s that easy! Easy you say? “I don’t know how to subscribe” you say? Well, it goes a little something like this.

Right below Sincerely, Sara’s black and white photo is a green tab that says, “follow blog via e-mail” (that’s what makes you a subscriber). After you click on it you will see a little message that reads, “An email was just sent to confirm that you want to follow this blog. Please find the email now and click activate.” Then leave a comment on this post and give us a piece of your mind.

Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday morning. Tell your friends.

Thanks for coming along with us on this journey so far and remember -you ain’t seen nuttin yet!

Sincerely and Honestly,

The Sisterslice


24 thoughts on “Follow Us, become a statistic

  1. Well, I’m already a subscriber, but I would love to win that gorgeous wreath….meanwhile, I’m looking at my pile of materials…wondering if mine will look anywhere near that beautiful!

  2. I’ve read every one and already been a subscriber. You make my day! Can’t wait for what’s ahead! P.S. You ARE writers AND photographers!!! — professionals now!

  3. I look forward to your email saying you have blogged for the day. I love your senses of humor and the recipes look wonderful. Honestly Amy if you want to move back this way I have a house I. Need of your creativity. Love the blog! Keep it up

  4. I too love reading your blog. I’ve never met you but feel like we’re friends. Personalities that shine like yours…awesome. Thanks for sharing them with your followers. PS: You have your mom & dad’s sense of finding the humor in all things in life. Thank you, Tim & Cindy!!!

  5. Love this!! And with my crazy schedule (three part time jobs not including being a wife and mom AND directing a show starting in October) it would be nice to WIN this so I don’t have to MAKE this!!

  6. (P.S. – Still think it’s weird that I started following this blog without ever meeting either sister in person only to have my youngest daughter start babysitting for Amy!)

  7. I enjoy reading your blogs everyday…I enjoy the stories and love the recipies and crafts you share! Keep up the GREAT work:)

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