Ripe Time flies when you are having fun. Seems like just yesterday the seemingly forever blanket of snow (May 3) finally disappeared and life was exploding all around us. We had big plans for this summer…we earned this summer and we were gonna take a bite and let the juice run down our chins and wipe it with our sleeves.

So every day while we were playing in the hose, climbing trees, catching frogs and swimming in the lake–life all around us was growing, every moment, every hour, every day.

So now, school has started and I feel like summer has passed–this week it has been extremely hot–like 100 in September in Wisconsin. I took a walk last night and I was struck by a color–like these little bits of life left saying–“Hey notice me” “I still have beauty to behold”.

Deep, regal purple. An unexpected color everywhere–right before the trees turn flaming red, orange and gold.

That happened so quickly, I hardly noticed until it was almost over…then I looked at my boys…I felt a little panic. My puppies are growing quickly too, every moment, every hour, every day. They grew long and brown and 3 shoe sizes this summer. It is hard in the midst of the chores and lessons and schedules and fun to stop and appreciate the beauty, albeit sticky, sweaty, grimy beauty that is all around me here too.


I hope you enjoyed this summer and you take a moment to appreciate all the beauty all around.

Sincerely, Sara

3 thoughts on “Ripe

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