3 Meals of Modified Caveman Fare

So my legs are killing me (emotionally and physically – we’ll get into more of that another time). The 00:5:10 workout at that torturous, dirty, hot place called “crossfit” has turned my thighs into throbbing aching immobile tree trunks (that jiggle). When I got done accomplishing my “workout” I felt awesome. I said to my lady, “yo, see you tomorrow” and she replied, “probably not, you’ll be sore – how about the day after tomorrow?”


Monday after I left the chamber of death, I felt as if my legs wouldn’t really carry my weight. It got better over the next couple of hours. However, the next day (actually they hurt really bad – right now, as I’m typing this) they are so bad that I can barely lower myself down onto the John, let alone back up.

I guess it’s something called delayed onset muscle soreness. The inability to do any movement that requires a squat keeps me from working out again until Friday. So I’m gonna make sure that my diet is on point.

Tuesday’s dinner


Wednesday’s meal


Thursday night

I start with boneless skinless chicken breasts, thin sliced. Season with salt, crushed red pepper, white pepper and cracked black pepper. Saute for 2 mins on each side in a medium high heat skillet drizzled with a little olive oil.


I chopped a bunch of veg that I had on hand. I wish I had a red pepper, it would have made it more colorful.

IMG_8116I removed the chicken from the wok and started to cook the onion, garlic, carrot. Then I added the yellow and green peppers and mushroom.

IMG_8120In a small bowl I mixed soy sauce, powdered ginger, corn starch, a little fish sauce (cause it’s so fishy), garlic powder and a little sugar. I put the chicken back in add the sauce and watched it coat and thicken.

I’m in love with cilantro right now. On my salads, in my scrambled eggs and now on my stir fry.



I think the white pepper made the tastes pop in this mix. But for some reason it smells like a stable and grosses me out. Is it just me?


I’m feeling so good about myself this week that I got my hair cut and colored.

IMG_8097I think you would agree that I needed it…?

IMG_7161Honestly, Amy

3 thoughts on “3 Meals of Modified Caveman Fare

  1. I hear you on the white pepper. I do not like it. And those beautiful four peppercorn mixes? Can’t do those, the white pepper ruins them for me. I go black pepper all the way – who cares if I can see it in my white foods, then I know it’s there!

    Hang in there with the sore muscles. They will get better. And each time they won’t be as sore – try to pace the next workout so you aren’t as sore. Good for you for working out and eating well!

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