A Serving of Garlic Breath…


I’ve wanted to try this recipe for eva but didn’t.

Until It was two days before pay-day and I was running out of options.

I have a bag of garlic (yes, a 1 1/4 lb bag – I heart garlic) and a whole chicken (which I can’t touch without gloves). A bag of frozen peas and package of spring vege risotto that Sincerely gave me.

I chose to make  Alton’s recipe  because it was the easiest and had the least ingredients.

It required me to peel 40 cloves of garlic. That didn’t make me happy. Mostly because I bite my cuticles and peeling garlic burns…

Then while I was standing in the kitchen looking at the recipe on my phone I decided to punch in “the quickest way to peel garlic” and guess what? A whole punch of links came up.

The one I ultimately chose made my eyes roll. I decided to test the theory and asked my oldest to assist me. (who says I don’t help her with science and math “homework”).

First use your palm and hit the bulb. It magically explodes into all the peel covered cloves. It also makes you feel good.

Check it our here – Martha teaching us the quickest and most efficiant way to peel garlic

Then put the cloves into a bowl, cover the bowl with another similar sized bowl and shake until you smell garlic and your hands hurt. I’m talkin’ violently shake it.

Then put your plastic gloves on and give your somenila coverd chicky a salt bath.

IMG_8202-001Your suppose to cut the chicken into 8 pieces. My Mother use to have a big ole chicken cutting knife and she could cut that bird up in a couple of minuets. Me on the other hand, used kitchen scissors and my thighs and wings didn’t come out so well.

Season thouroughly with SnP and Thyme. Add to a big hot skillet that’s got a couple tablespoons of Olive Oil in it.

After I crisped them for about 5 mins, skin side down. I transferred them and the juices into a greased 9×13 casserole dish and threw in the 40 gloves of garlic. Ironically enough there were 10 cloves in each bulb that I punched so I needed 4 bulbs. Weird – huh?


Cover and bake it for an hour and a half at 350.

Darn this Paleo or I would have dipped an entire loaf of crusty Italian bread in the juice and spread the creamy, sweet and savory garlic cloves right onto that carb dream boat.


And of course Jim won’t eat peas – so here’s his plate.


Tomorrow – pay-day, I’m picking up some heavy cream and using the left over garlic and jellied chicken juices to make a “bestover”.

I’ll make a garlicky soup, add some chicken broth or water to the cold, jellied juices, cook it over a high heat and, when that’s hot, shred the left over deboned chicken into it.  You can add rice or pasta but I’m gonna add some cream and go to town. I may even eat it with some bread…
Honestly (missing bread), Amy

5 thoughts on “A Serving of Garlic Breath…

  1. Now that’s a lot of garlic! Love that you not only try new things but are willing to share the experience;-) Thanks for interesting posts!

  2. This looks really good! Also, I wanted to thank you for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that you will enjoy my posts! Check out my recipes by clicking on the category “In the Kitchen.” – B

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