5k for a Cause

What if your husband left on a plane one summer day, headed to another country to help start an orphanage and never came back?

Imagine that a year later he has been put through a sham trial, sentenced to serve 8 years in one of the world’s worst prison’s where he endures daily  torture.


What would you tell your children? How would you spend your time? How would you feel?

Last December when I first heard about this true nightmare and saw pictures of this family and read a letter from a husband to his wife my heart was moved.

There are sad stories of injustice all over the news and internet.

Something about this family resonated with me and mine.


But what could I do?

Our family of 5 commited to pray three times a day for Pastor Saeed, his wife and 2 children. This act of prayer drew us closer together as a family. I saw my older girls develop a deeper sense of empathy as they asked hard questions and expressed real concern for poor pastor Saeed.

Imagine if all the encouraging words from the Bible were the ones you had memorized?

Aside from praying (which is the most impactful and powerful of all) What more could we do?

My husband started a facebook page where we interacted with his wife and where encouraging words, verses and updates are shared.

We told anyone who would listen about his story and asked them to pray.

We signed a petition asking our state department and president to speak out and act on his behalf.

But what else?

Pastor Saeed’s home church in Boise, ID organized a 5k to raise money for his family.

His wife insisted that the monies raised at the event go to others that had fled their homes in Iran. People who were facing imprisonment, torture or death because of their Christian faith and beliefs.

We contacted the organizer of the 5k in Idaho and asked if we could do the same here in north central Iowa. He was so excited. His hope and vision was that cities all over the U.S. would “Endure for Saeed”.


If you live around here please consider registering and running or walking with us. 100% of your registration fee goes to people just like you that are fleeing because of their Christian faith. They are living in tents, the Turkish government will let them cross over but they are not allowed to work in Turkey.

If you don’t live close to this race there is one next weekend in San Antonio, TX or YOU can organize one in your hometown.

Naghmeh, his wife is coming to our race and we can’t wait to meet her in person, hug her, tell her we love her and are praying for her. She has been her husband’s voice.


Imagine if it was your husband? Wouldn’t you want the world to know, for others to pray, for our government to act?

Honestly, Amy

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