National Treasure


This is my Dad and I. This photo seems like it was a million years ago. I think this is why I have a soft spot for the National Guard.

Our Church gave us a challenge a few weeks ago. It actually handed out money to some folks and encouraged the rest to look for someone to help or serve or bless. The Hubs works in a busy Madison Emergency Department and we were sure he would have lots of opportunities. Every morning when he got home from work we would check to see if he got his chance. He was seeking–looking for someone to cross his path who was in need–waiting for a sign from God. After the service this past Sunday, we went to our favorite bbq place in the universe and ordered our lunch. We were elbow deep in wings and sauce, Noah noticed them first…2 men in uniform, “Look those are real Military guys.” 4 more joined the group and  Jonah asked if he could shake their hand. (He has a bit of stage fright so I wondered if he could do it). Soon a group of 8 gathered. Eating lunch and watching the Packer’s. The hubs and I started talking. The world is putting all sorts of silly, broken and evil people in front of our boys as a Hero and Celebrities worshiped and pampered. We noticed one man at the end of the table had a large surgical scar on his head. After our dinner we brought the boys over to the table. The hubs introduced the boys and told the fellas we wanted to show our boys what a real hero looked like. Erik put some money on the table to go toward their lunch. The group started to protest a bit when the man at the end of the table asked my boys to come over. He shook their hand and said their names and tore off his patches and gave them to the boys.  Another soldier called Noah over by name and also ripped his American Flag patch and 372nd Engineer Brigade patch off and handed them to Noah…:


My boys were star struck! We left and the boys asked me how much those badges cost–I told them, Blood, sweat, tears, time away from family and sacrifice for us.


Those guys probably didn’t need the lunch money–but they deserved the gratitude! The lesson we got to teach our boys…priceless!

Sincerely, Sara

9 thoughts on “National Treasure

  1. I was swallowing hard while reading this post. Really nice that you did that for those servicemen. My 91 year old FIL died last week and had military honors at his funeral – just so touching when you think what our military do for us…. I just bet Noah is thrilled with those patches!
    Real heroes, indeed!

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