Steak My Day


When I see this at the store


I think of my husband.

He loves meat. He also loves spice.

Aside from the bottles of heat you see here,

I added S&P, Cumin, Red Pepper Flakes, Garlic Powder.

The number of times you shake the flavor in — determines the level of heat.


I knew that no one but my huzband would be able to enjoy these!!


I could eat one…

If I added sour cream and chased it with 2 bottles of ice-cold spring water.


I garnished his with some cilantro and shredded colby jack.

clint_eastwoodI watched him eat not 3 but 4 of these Hot As Fire Steak Tacos.

I said “You’re Welcome” as he made noises that I guess meant

they were really, really tasty to him.


It made me happy to know that I know what he likes and that he appreciates what I do for him…

 he’s a man and  we are different and that’s good.

Honestly, Amy

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