the office…kind of

I know you’re thinking this.


But I’m really talking about what started out as an exciting opportunity to have my own space and then quickly turned into one of my top 5 secret shames (this list is ongoing and changes season to season).

The convent had 8 bedrooms (we only needed 5 and when I say “only” I realize that sounds ridiculous), we turned it into 7 (made 2 a master) and there were “extra” so I claimed an office.

It’s in the N/W corner of the “lower level”.


It once was an empty, scary, small  room with asbestos tile.

There was an old, 300 pound metal desk in there.


I spray painted it. I had my husband pick it up and move it at least 3 times. For the painting, the carpet install and then back in. That’s love.

I found a dead bat (ok, maybe my spray paint fumes killed him).


From YUCK  to a clean, new paint and carpeted space.

Oh the possibilities.

Then we moved in and I put away and organized e’body else’s rooms but mine… mine was a wreck!


Oh what a tranquil space to craft, create, organize.

If only I had 2 days and a p-touch.

Well, I do have a p-touch but 2 days to handle all my fine things with no interruptions – neva gonna happen.

So a little bit each day in between living and with one chunk on a free Saturday (with some interruptions).

That dump turned into this

IMG_8339 - Copy Some days I just sit at the desk and wait for imaginary customers that never appear. (I think that’s called playing pretend) IMG_8343 - Copy I enjoy;

Lists. IMG_8346 African Violets. IMG_8344 Lot’s of different pens to choose from. IMG_8349 Displays of items, in order. IMG_8351 Trays and racks, ready to be filled with papers to file. IMG_8342 - Copy Trendy sayings and prints. IMG_8402 Cookbooks, magazines and a few other reads. IMG_8353 Decorating. IMG_8281 The knowledge that the only curtains I’ve ever sewn are hanging in there.

Pictures of my entrusted as puppies and clocks.IMG_8350
IMG_8279 I’ll be honest, I haven’t been in there since I organized, cleaned and set up my office. However, when I walk by it – it makes me happy.

Honestly, Amy

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