Out with the Fly Paper…In with the Fall


We live in the country, AHHHH the peace, fresh diary air, nature….and flies! These last few days they have been awful–trying to get in as the air cools. I have swatted and chased and I have stuck up flypaper everywhere! I wondered if they put a chevron pattern on it if it would be less….gross!?!

Well, I think we are through the worst of it and with great joy I took them down yesterday and put up some fall decorations. I am working on a few special Halloween things for next months mantle, but I love a touch of brilliant color other places too!

I love my 6-year-old Dollar Store leaf garland. It makes the warmest glow over the supper table.

A few more touches and we are feeling cozy already.

The boys and I are working on our mantle decorations for October–with a little  inspiration from the unwelcome visitor we had last month.

The weatherman tells me we have at least 10 more days of cool nights and long sunny days–and that is just fine by me!

Sincerely, Sara

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