Falling in Love @ the Madison Farmer’s Market

I am a morning person. Since the wee ones came I am up with the chickens. The hubs is a night owl. Third shift is his choice and he only really wakes up after 8pm.  We took the stooges to the market earlier this summer and watched the singles sipping coffee, holding hands and meandering…. We vowed to return together before the summer ended. This month we decided this would be our date. I found a sitter willing to get up that early and when his shift was over we set out on our adventure.

After we scored rock star parking and figured out the new-fangled multi-meter parking meter (hello Jetsons!) with a long line of whippersnappers rolling their eyes behind us, we were off. The sights, sound and smells were amazing.

The best of summer and the best of fall all wrapped up in a perfect morning stroll.

The sun is just clearing the tall buildings around the Capital in Madison. I am amazed by the colors. Carrots orange and purple berries, tomatoes, (the ugly “canners” in the corner) yellow, blue, green and every color in between all neat in rows just waiting to be discovered.

That is a great way to sell chickens

That is a great way to sell chickens

The smells! Kettle corn, fresh baking bread, roasting chicken mixed with herbs and flowers….

We shopped and sampled and chatted. Apple Cider Donuts, Venison Sticks, Cheese, Pesto, Salsa, Berries. Everyone has a smile today. We learn a bit too. Ground Cherries , Wild Plumbs and Cardoon . I am going to try a few new things with those, there was a bagpipe and a one man band for music, bits of conversation, the sound of babies fussing and birds chirping fill the air. There are even crazy people protesting–entertainment everywhere.

Abundance! Everywhere!  We stroll hand in hand. We decide that the last week of September, a beautiful warm September is the best time to go. We leave after a few hours and get back to reality.  I will show you what I come up with this week with my bounty! Happy Sunday, Happy End of Summer.

Sincerely, Sara

13 thoughts on “Falling in Love @ the Madison Farmer’s Market

  1. I grew up in Madison; for a few years I lived a block away from the Farmers Market. My favorite summer memories from those years are waking up early, grabbing a coffee and expensive croissant from L’Etoile (are they still there?) and browsing the market for sheep-milk yogurt, heirloom apples, and of course, cheese curds.
    Thanks for such a lovely post (and for stopping by my blog as well)!

  2. Howdy E G-Thanks! L’Etoile is still on the square, just moved to a new location. There was a lady there selling curds and she was browning them on an electric skillet—ummm YUM! I am going to do that when the family comes for Thanksgiving! Glad you liked the post–visit often if you get homesick!

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful! I must say I am a little jealous. We do not have farmer’s markets like that here in Arizona. I went to a farmer’s market with my sister in Santa Barbara, CA last summer and found out what a real farmer’s market is like. I miss going there. At the markets here, people sell little trinkets they order from China, and there is very little produce and no flowers. It’s very sad! Thank you for sharing your photos so I can live vicariously through you!:)

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