BatMan – tle


I am not much of a ‘weener–I hate the blood and guts “decor” that is everywhere. If I must admit–I don’t really like Halloween. I rush around that day dressing and making up the stooges, shove real food down their throats, freeze my BOOty off trick or treating and then I pick up LaffyTaffy wrappers til Christmas!  I do get dibs on all Good and Plenty scored…but those alas are hard to come by these days.

If you read the blog over the summer you know about our unwelcome guest. We had another one here the other night…I guess they inspired me to take our October mantle from just fine to Fangtastic.

I searched the www and found bat cut outs a plenty. here is one….


here is another


I dug through my scrapbook box–full of all the wonderful treasures I never get to use. I find black card stock. You could probably use construction paper or anything else.

I trace and cut out….pretty simple stuff. I was going to use sequins or glitter glue for the eyes, but I forgot to buy any and my glitter glue was dried up–I am a crafting queen.

So out comes the paper punch. Just fine.IMGP2313

I fold the wings in an accordion fashion..nothing really measured or fancy. I use good old Sticky Tac to stick it on my stone. I made 12…12 was plenty.


I am surrounded by woods so it would be crazy for me not to use some branches to add some Spooky. I gave them a quick spritz of black and some glitter and we were ready to decorate.

There you go!  My 20 minute, baby is nappin project.  Perfect mantle waiting for a cold, dark evening, a fire in the fireplace and Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on the tube. Nothing ghoulish, gruesome  or gory. If you want to be scared to should see the boys bathroom after they have a bath and brush their teeth!! EeeeeeK!

Sincerely, Sara


2 thoughts on “BatMan – tle

    • Thanks D. I encourage the boys to be a hero, animal or food. No Zombie Mutant Killers allowed. I am glad I don’t have girls–they have if rough! All the vampy, sexy costumes for girls make me sad. Thanks for visiting!

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