Johny Appleseeds Great Great Grandson

Apples taste better in September.

I remember my first trip to an apple orchard. I was a young teen and surprised to see that the apple tree is more of an apple bush.


One of our favorite fall activities is going to an orchard and spending the better part of a Saturday there. Picking, eating, throwing…

Last week I got to go on the first field trip of the school year with my middle.


That’s her in the red. But who’s the old dude with the banjo you ask? 

Fullscreen capture 1032013 30039 PM-001

That’s Johnny Appleseed’s Great Great Grandson (or so he says). Click HERE to hear him sing a little ditty.

This orchard is the bees knees! The apples are swell, the back 40 is a child’s dream playground and there’s an adorable cafe and gift shop. 

Since this was a field trip I had to hold myself back on the shopping but I got a tour I won’t soon forget.

I had the girls there whip me up a pie to take home and spent a fortune on a bag of honey crisp. Look at all the apples about to be baked in that pie.



Of course I had to bring the baby sister. Nobody puts baby in the corner or in a daycare.


Lyla had the time of her life. It’s like she was seeing it all for the first time. We went last year but that was half her life ago.


The girls got to share a sack lunch.

IMG_8452-001I was pooped when I got home. I put the baby down for a nap and made my self a grown up girl lunch with the fruit of the day.

IMG_8456-001Mmm it was good! Cracked Black Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuit with a slice of basil gouda and a piece of honey crisp.

It was a really good day, Amy 

3 thoughts on “Johny Appleseeds Great Great Grandson

  1. Yum… I love going to the apple orchard, too! We’d do it every year when our kids were little. Now I have the bug and am going to grab Gary and go. Plus, I haven’t made an apple pie yet this fall, which is unheard of for me. Love your post!!

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