Getting your kids Faith Painted

So there was this “free” event going on last Friday at the kid’s school.


I had barely read the flyer they brought home and for some reason I had in my mind that it was some kind of  “Christian Illusionist”…

We live right next door to the school so getting there wasn’t a problem. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to go.

The kids having heard more about it than me and super pumped to go, caught wind that it was almost 7pm and insisted that we walk over.


I learn he’s not an illusionist  but a painter and speaker. 


There was  a cool praise band.


My family always being ones to wanna mosh pit – headed for the front row.


What started out as an obligation soon turned into family fun night.

Then from family fun night to real world, heart-gripping, life changing words and images.


The picture, as you can see – is a broken heart, The idea (truth) is that the only one that can fix your broken heart is the craftsman that designed it.

You don’t go to a plumber when your car breaks down, so why do we look for other things to fill the crack in our hearts?

Hurts left from our childhood, adults that abused us, pain from illness, others and this broken world.


This Eric guy shared how God spoke the oceans, light, planets into existence – just like that. With His words.

But our hearts…

The Bible says in Psalms 139 that God knit my heart. He sat there and worked on it, like with knitting needles. He made it – He knows it.

As if up to this point wasn’t moving enough, he started sharing about all these precious little souls around the globe that can be helped through compassion international.

Orphans as young as 6 & 7 being sold and trafficked, children that need our help. Do I need more cable channels and a new hand bag or can we help to save them?

There on the ground where they live.

If there were a line of them in front of us – could we walk away?

Nearing the end Eric gave us the opportunity to save some and before I could move, both girls were at my side asking if we could help.

They were at the point of tears that soon turned to joy as they chose 2 little girls out of a stack of hundreds.


Fidelis (age 3) on the left and Claire (7) on the right.

Both living on a desolate region in Africa. Both desperate for clean water, food and parents.

The girls wrote to them that very night, hung the photos on the wall and prayed and prayed for God to keep them safe.

We prayed for God to heal their broken hearts as only He can.

I’m so appreciative that this dude came to a little gym in the middle of Iowa to share a real need that my young girls can help with.

Allowing our kids to see and help is a gift we give them that they will never outgrow.
IMG_8600-001Honestly, Amy

2 thoughts on “Getting your kids Faith Painted

  1. I used to have a compassion kid! Then I didn’t have money anymore so I had to give him up. But it is such a fun experience. 🙂

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