Captains Log

star-trek-log-banner_kirk Star Date-Tuesday past.  Bones (the hubs) picks up Spock from school and stops to pick apples with Scotty and Sulu.  At dinner Spock coughed, barked really and I felt his head–burning up. I looked at the crew around the table and knew we were in for a  battle of galactic proportions. We hit our rack early, knowing the nights to follow will be long and sleep interrupted. I saw dawn break holding him sitting up after a night of hacking and crying and trying to breathe. Visit to sick bay and their sensors indicate it is, “only a virus”–I am sure this virus is worse than the wrath of Khan. I hit the Wal-Mart, (go ahead, tell me you haven’t seen aliens there) and arm myself with my only weapons. My phaser set to kill, I get

Along with Kleenex, popsicle, cough drops and Gator Aid, this is what I have to defeat my unseen enemy. Spock and Sulu with me, we meet Scotty at the bus. He walks slowly towards us and barks as well. It’s official–the epidemic has begun.

The living room becomes our infirmary. Disorder and chaos ensue. I    am      dispensing Tylenol and Motrin on a strict schedule and filling cups and picking up popsicle sticks and previously-commissioned Kleenex.  I am wiping every surface and washing my hands…then the baby barks. Sulu has been hit, he is covered with a strange rash making him look like a Romulan. All progress has halted at the USS Hanson, I want to use the escape pod, beam me anywhere…

Nights…long lonely nights. Bones is off working 8 night shifts in a row. I spend my time in steamy bathrooms or bundled on the porch singing songs and telling the boys it will be better. I wish I was suffering instead of the crew. Dawn breaks on day 4. I am starting to crack. I wonder how much longer I can go on. I sleep sitting up with 1 boy in each arm and the baby between my legs. I wish I could remember the Vulcan Nerve Pinch so we could all get some rest.


Is it just me or does he look like a Klingon?

Day six dawns with Spock having slept thru the night. Perhaps our species will survive. I am growing weary–My personal space, the final frontier….

This is dedicated to all the other commanders out there, tending sick kids, making sure there is a next generation.

Now, let’s  change our course, warp speed anywhere…to a healthy galaxy far, far away….

Sincerely, Sara


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