Halloween “of years gone by” Banner – Free Printable


Thanks to the girls over at howdoeshe.com I have an entire arsenol of free printables for every occasion.

Remember the cute back to school signs I shared the end of August?


Those were courtesy of the same gals.

(Notice the fat baby bat from 2006 is the same little miss starting 2nd grade.)

How does that happen so fast?

I digress…

You will need;

Card stock (29 pages) and a color printer (or an office max near by)

Double sided tape or a glue stick

Sharp scissors or a paper-cutter

Twine or ribbon

Pictures of Halloween gone by and a VERY good memory

Honestly, the hardest part of this project was trying to find my kids dressed in their Halloween costumes from the last 10 years, printing them off and then trying to remember what year they were taken.IMG_9368-001

I also spent more time than I should have looking at all the pictures from years gone by and getting a little misty.


Putting the banner together was easy.

Just watch this DVD while you’re doing it and they will both be done at the same time.



Here’s the banner kit for you in case you wanna walk down memory lane.



Enjoy dressing your kids up this year and taking them trick or treating.

Before you know it they won’t want to…

Honestly, Amy

5 thoughts on “Halloween “of years gone by” Banner – Free Printable

    • They look like little puppies and kitties at that age. I guess in the business of life they grow and I forget. I love looking at their little faces and seeing remnants of them in their now bug girl faces. Thanks for following Dianna and all the kind words.

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