Creamy Garlic Spinach & Roasted Chicken Soup

Member a couple posts ago when I confessed my love affair with garlic?

And I made 40 clove chicken?

Well, apparently my family wasn’t feeling like warding off vampires so I ate on it for a couple of days.

Then I froze the rest and moved on with my life.

I pulled it out of the freezer one sunny, cool Saturday and made it into a soup.

It was better than the meal!

IMG_8874-001I threw it all into a dutch oven with a box of chicken broth and brought it to a simmer.

It smelled like the savory part of heaven.

I took out the chicken and pulled the meat off the bones.

I added back in frozen chopped spinach, Yukon golds – sliced thin and the shredded meat.

IMG_8888-001I removed the garlic cloves and blended them so that I wouldn’t hear the, “what are these”?

IMG_8878-001After it began to boil I turned it to low and added back the garlic purée, a pint of heavy cream, cracked black pepper and kosher salt. (those little flecks on the garlic are thyme flakes)


IMG_8889-001When you can make left overs better than the first time.

That’s a winner from your chicken dinner.

We sopped this up with a crusty baguette and lazed around the rest of the afternoon.

It was the best Saturday ever!

Honestly, Amy

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