From the patch to the plate…..Pumpkin lasagna with wild mushrooms and kale

We have pumpkins everywhere. Our Uncle Sam grows acres to sell in the fall. I have never cooked a pie pumpkin before and it seems silly to go buy cans when these are all over my house!2013-10-10

I did a little snooping around the www and there were plenty of ideas on how to cook a sugar pumpkin (or pie pumpkin). Peel and boil, Slow cooker,oven roast or even grill….I decide that oven roasting is the way for me. You still have to scrape out the gook Jack O style. Rinse, poke with a fork and roast in the oven cut side down at 350 for  50 min. I love the way the bright cheery orange turns deep brilliant orange after a visit to the oven. I roasted a butternut squash at the same time for another recipe.


I let them cool and simply scraped out the soft filling from the shell. I mashed with my masher and divided some for today and some for later.


I had dried shiitake and frozen morels. I soak the dried in hot water and thaw and pat dry the frozen. 1 Tbs butter melted and give them a good brown. I don’t think there is anything better in the world than mushrooms browned in butter! The smell of the morels remind me of spring!  Use any mushrooms you like.


I cut my carrots thin, but left them on rounds. It is meatless. Now time for some flavor. I added sage, thyme, celery salt, black pepper, and a pinch of cayenne.


In goes the pumpkin and I add 1 cup half and half, stir until creamy. Add back  in my browned mushrooms and black kale I wilted with a bit of nutmeg. I had lots of kale in the garden, I would use spinach here too.


Ok, cheese next. I mix 8 oz ricotta and 8 oz ricotta con latte. The ricotta con latte is a bit sweeter and usually used in italian desserts. It was on sale and I think it works here just fine. You can  just use your favorite ricotta. 1 egg, 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley and salt and pepper.


We are almost there, time to build. I never precook my noodles. I use whole wheat oven ready sheets, cause they were a great deal and I enjoy the nutty flavor it brings. I am a sucker for those red clearance stickers at Target!


375 degree oven is waiting. I build my layers in a foil lined 8×8  . Top with 1 cup mozzerella cheese. The sprig of thyme is cause I am feeling artsy.IMGP2518

45 min later. Now my only lasagna tip besides not precooking noodles is….let it rest. Don’t even think about cutting for 20 min.


This is good! Slightly sweet, savory, spicy and creamy. I served it with roast chicken because I have cavemen living here. I think this is hearty enough on its own. A great Thanksgiving side dish. You don’t have to cook your own pumpkin if you don’t want to, but you have to try this lasagna!



Sincerely, Sara

3 thoughts on “From the patch to the plate…..Pumpkin lasagna with wild mushrooms and kale

  1. Such a beautiful autumn dish!! I am always looking for new ways to use pumpkin and this recipe looks fabulously tasty!

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