My favorite color is October too!


I took the weekend off. I cooked and didn’t take pictures. The hubs and I peeled apples and caught up, it was sorta romantic.  I looked out the window. I walked outside and crunched in the leaves. I had a fire in the fireplace. I looked thru the pile of fall mags I have meant to look thru. I went to church and I got the stooges Halloween costumes,


I took time to enjoy, enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of fall.

I just love the way fall takes my breath away. The beauty before the long white blanket that is on the way.

I take my boys to school every morning and we have the most interesting conversations.  This week we picked our favorite tree. We call it the morning and evening ’cause it looks totally different depending on the direction of the sun.

It really is amazing. I told the boys we will drive by it in the long cold winter when the leaves are gone and remember how pretty she was and we will get excited when spring in near and buds apprear…yeah, I am a corn dog.

I took some time to think about what is ahead. The season of giving. I want to give my heart, my talents, my time.  Thesisterslice has a big announcement coming soon. Changes are coming and we are so excited. Thanks for sharing a slice of our life and a slice of yours!

Sincerely, Sara


2 thoughts on “My favorite color is October too!

  1. Your photos are beyond gorgeous! Love how you and your boys are paying such close attention to that particular tree. (Reminds me of things I did with my son when he was little.)
    And “my favorite color is October”: perfect!

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