Catching up


My hubs works nights–always has and maybe always will. Since the stooges arrived one by one,we seem to pass like ships in the night. Finishing a sentence without an interruption is almost impossible.

Last Saturday, the Hubs showed up with a big box of Honey Crisp “seconds”–the homely sisters of the Honey Crisp primes.  We sat at the table on a bright, sunny afternoon. peeling apples and catching up. Monster Baby was napping and the Bigs were outside playing. We talked about everything and nothing. We had a cup of coffee. We caught up.

I was making a few pies to share with some friends and family. Honey Crisp are the Cadillac of apples–it seemed a waste to just throw the peels away. I fussed with is a bit and this is what I came up with…


Before…simple, plain ‘ole apple streusel pie with baked apple roses on top….Bake uncovered at 325 for about 45 minutes.


This is the ‘After’ shot. I thought it was sorta pretty. If you like baked apples and apple pie…this one’s for you!

Sincerely, Sara


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