10/26/1997 A Match Made In Heaven

As October comes to an end and the temps cool and the colors shine their most vibrant, I take a few minutes to remember my first date.

Yes, I said my first date. With my first boyfriend, who happens to be the man I married.

Lest you think It was an arranged marriage or that I have no social skills read on…

October 26th, 1997 EARLY morning — like 4am ,I get picked up from my apartment by a guy in KC Chiefs zuba pants and some big flexible glasses. I on the other hand was lookin’ fly — high-waisted mom jeans, a pleather jacket and brown eye brow pencil used as lip liner over fire-red gloss (something demure).


We drove to St, Louis to catch a football game.

I drove as my date slept. He had worked the night before patrolling the streets.

I soon discover we don’t have tickets so we work the tailgaters and spend all the cash we both brought.


My date ignores me most of the game. I don’t get football — a whistle blows, a little running, everyone falls down and they do this 1000 times up and down the field.  Jim must be more excited by all this repetitive behavior because he jumps up and screams or shouts angrily at every play.


I leave and head for the concession stands (I don’t think he noticed).

Our conversation flows easily from one topic to another during the 4 hour drive home.

I like this guy. He showed up on time. He opened my door and let me out, walked me to the door.

I’m tired but I can’t sleep. I listen to Dave Matthews and write in my angel journal (that I have since burned).

My pager goes off and it’s Jim’s number. I call him and he wants to talk some more.

I don’t remember who won the game (Jim does) but I won the prize.


He asked me to marry him 6 months later.

I said “yes”


We’ve been through a lot together.




This guy… So grateful, that first date worked out.

The lyrics to this new song by Steven Curtis Chapman resonate with me… Maybe you too?

From “Together”:
“Here we stand and here we are
with all our wounds and battle scars
from all the storms and all the wars we’ve weathered…together.
We had no way of knowing when
we started way back there and then
How the road would twist and turn and bend
We just knew we belonged…together”

Honestly, Amy

4 thoughts on “10/26/1997 A Match Made In Heaven

  1. Love this post! Jim has been the best big brother to me (even recruiting me to like his KC Chiefs), the best hubby to my sis & the best Dad to my 3 beautiful L’s. You 2 were made for each other. Love you both!

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