My cousins were really my first friends, In my family we had 2 groups of cousins 10 years apart. I had my cousins my age and then 10 years later I got a new group and a new sister….


I remember a snow storm in January and my Gramma Betty called and told us Lindz (Lindsay Kathryn) was here, We grew up. Sharing the same holidays, velvet dresses, roaring fires, presents spilling into the middle of the room. We both know what my grandparents basement smells like. We have both had our knees painted with mercurochrome.lindz2

I got Betty’s cookie jar, she got her popcorn bowl. We celebrated often. We come from the same place. We have cheered our success and mourned our loss together. Failure, struggle, victory, defeat…we know.


I am a bit of a transplant. I left our hometown at 18. I have folks that know me when I was a Kankakee girl. I also know folks from my Davenport days…mall Sara, bank Sara, hospital Sara. I was a newly wed and new Mom in Newton, IA…then I became Wisconsin Sara. Through all of this a handful of folk  have just known Sara…Sara through all the seasons.


You know, life is hard. We get so busy, I have not been back to visit Kankakee in 3 years and aside from a bit of news on fb or a chat with a family member…I have lost touch with a few cousins, Last weekend Lindz and her 10-year-old son came to visit, I sorta felt like I was inviting a stranger here. I have not just caught up with her in years, Well, this weekend we changed all that!


We are the same and different. Our lives taking different paths. Our struggles common. Our memories sweet. The cherry on the sundae is that my boys and her son get along like peas and carrots! There is no greater joy I think than to watch your kids makes memories with the spawn of the same folks who are in all of your memories!

You know I think the reason I have been able to bloom where I am planted is because I have such great roots! I learned to love my family years ago…and I always will.


Sincerely, Sara

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