…..Foodie Penpals


I don’t get many surprises these days. A treat for me is going to WalMart alone. I saw one of my blog buddies posted about her foodie penpal with a link to www.theleangreenbean.com/foodie-penpals/ . I clicked and within a blink I was signed up. Rules are simple and communication great! I started shopping and thinking about what I want to share, I made contact with my October Foodie BFF and sent her off a box and got back to living. One day last week there was a knock on the door–rural mailman with a box…FOR ME!


I loved it! Like Christmas!  I am so excited! I found some things I love, some things I need to learn about and some things I can’t wait to use! Roxxy–my super cool pal from out east sent along a kind note and recipes as well!

I had some miso soup first! Perfect bowl of warm.

We all sampled the  SeaSnax next…hmmm, dried seaweed that is labeled strangely addictive–I don’t think we will try to score any more–but i loved trying it and sharing it with my kids!

Next was a lovely bit of Spanish Saffron--I love this for Paella, Ciopino and Caccatore! I feel rich with this in my cupboard. There was also Annotio Seed. This is where I google and start learning. I have never used this and I can’t wait!

There was Marzapan , I think I will use that at my Thanksgiving Feast!

Ginger is my fall fav! I found Ginger Crackers and Candied Honey Ginger— I will add this to my cider and pumpkin hummus this month!

I am signed up for next month already and I can’t wait. I am meeting fascinating people, learning and trying and growing.

I am gathering for next month–What would you share?

Sincerely, Sara

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