The Best of Blogtober

imgp2604 (1)October is amazing for the senses.

Changing colors to see. Burning leaves to smell. All kinds of comfort food to taste. Big round pumpkins to touch. The sound of leaves crunching beneath our feet. 

Here at the slice the holiday season is just beginning.  Just like you we’ve been busy dressing up our kids and enjoying the changes around us. In case you were busy living life and missed a post here’s the best of October. 

Wall Stencil Fiasco – Before and After

BatMan – tle

Pump-krispy treats or Pumpkin Spice Crispy Rice ? You decide!

Johny Appleseeds Great Great Grandson

Wild Plumb Buckle

Dishes & Dishpan cookies

Eat, Drink and be Scary…October School Snacks

Shrimp Boil at the Block Party

Learning Lefse

Getting your kids Faith Painted

Pumpkin Pie Cake w/ Toasted Walnuts

A tale of two spaghettis

Halloween “of years gone by” Banner – Free Printable

Creamy Garlic Spinach & Roasted Chicken Soup

From the patch to the plate…..Pumpkin lasagna with wild mushrooms and kale

Hot Potato Super Soup

10/26/1997 A Match Made In Heaven

Having Frank N Stein for Dinner

Thanks for all the encouraging feedback this month.

Look for something special November 1st.  A big announcement, a baby ______ is joining the slice.

Happy Fall Y’all,

The sisters

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