The missing slice


When we sisters started blogging, after a long Saturday afternoon conversation we had no idea what to do, what to expect or really how long we could stick with it. Amazing things have happened. We have learned so much! Learned about each other, ourselves and we have met some really fascinating people along the way, we sisters have grown closer, a bit older and maybe even a bit wiser. That is how we realized something was missing….


If you know us or follow us, you know Amy is the Middle sister…, that means somewhere out there is…

Welcome Warmly, Hannah–The younger sister!


Hannah is now offically a slice of the sisterslice and we are so excited about it. Check out our The Sisters page to learn more about us and check back often to enjoy a slice of this and a slice of that….our lives!


Hannah will be sharing her day to day life with all of us now and we can’t wait to enjoy!

Please leave a comment here and like us on fb to welcome the newest member of!

Sincerely, Sara

Honestly, Amy

Warmly, Hannah

9 thoughts on “The missing slice

  1. Welcome, Hannah! I’ve only been following your sisters for a short length of time, but the posts are always interesting. Can’t wait to see what you add to the mix!

  2. Love my three peas on a pod! Hearts are knit, personalities so different, lives intertwined. What a privilege to be the mom of these three sisters!

  3. I’ve known these 3 peas in a pod most of their lives! It’s been an adventure since day one. Through happiness, rough times and the joy of all the little ones. Welcome aboard sista #3 to the blog. I can’t wait to hear your stories as well. This blog has brought many closer in love and friendship. I’m so thankful to be able to be a part of this growth. I love you all.

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