Treasures in Heaven


Hi!  This is “the Hubs” aka the angry editor of one of the sisters’ posts, Sara. I have been invited to share a story with thesisterslice readers.  Sitting in church last Sunday, Sara and I heard an announcement that they were looking for volunteers to rake leaves in the yards of community members, most of whom could not rake leaves on their own.  Sara and I are always looking for ways to enrich our boys’ lives, including ways to foster a servants’ heart and mind.  Raking leaves for the elderly and infirm sounded perfect.  A few weeks ago, Pastor Brian shared a message about how our time on Earth is a tiny span of a long, long rope that represents eternity. I glanced at my work schedule and knew I could swing it, even though I would only have a few hours’ nap in before heading to Dodgeville.

That morning, Jojo was busy dressing in his warmest clothing while Noah engaged in his usual kvetching any time work is to be done.  “Why are we doing this when we aren’t even getting paid?” I patiently, then not so patiently, then really impatiently replied “Because it will make your heart happy to help those who cannot do this for themselves.  Besides, your time on Earth is to prepare you for an eternity with God.”  Fascinating–same ingredients, but two completely different cakes resulted.  With Jonah, no task is too great.  With Noah, every task seems too great.

Noah may simply be a chip off the old block.  I was very selfish when I was younger.  As one of 9 children with not enough means, unfortunately, that was usually the only way I got to eat.  The selfishness lasted well into my 30s, and I am still not where I need to be.  I am still not the servant Jesus wants me to be.

Noah started Saturday whining about the task ahead and helping others without getting paid, then the miracle happened, by the end of the day, with a huge smile he said “Dad, this was so much fun!  Can we do this again next year?” I smiled a knowing smile and replied “oh, we’ll have more opportunity to serve and we won’t have to wait until next year.”  Noah’s grand pay-off?  A foot-long Subway sandwich, a lifted heart from helping others, and God’s promise to walk with Noah for an eternity. I am laying up treasures in Heaven with my treasures here on earth…all three of them.




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