Cardamom Venison ‘lash


I married a hunter. He leaps from his bed on opening morning, dresses in layers, studies his map while gulping his breakfast. He goes  to his stand with a spring in his cautious step. He drives all day.  He hunts, I cook it, we eat it. I have learned a few SW Wisconsin specialities  and this is a good one to share.


1 lb ground venison (of course you could use turkey, pork or beef) This is lean. I use a bit of Olive Oil to brown it in my skillet.

1 carrot, 1 bell pepper, 1 rib celery, 1 onion-chopped


Then you will add 1 tablespoon ( or more) of Cardamom. I had never heard of Cardamom until I became a Hanson. The Romans and Greeks have used this for centuries and the Vikings found it and brought it home to their fjords. Folks here love it in almost everything, Sugar Cookies, Stews, Drinks. It is warm and spicy. I put some in my pumpkin bread too! Penzy’s and World Market are where I find mine. You will find it in whole green pods or ground. Sprinkle in a healthy pinch of salt and black pepper too!


I add 1 8oz can of tomato chopped there is also a key ingredient in Scandinavian Cuisine….Sugar!  2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 box of beef broth –bring it up to a boil and then reduce to simmer about 15 minutes. It really is a good, warm, spicy, sweet and savory.

We like ours with “macaroni” (not pasta!) Be careful tho. I add par boiled pasta just before serving. If it sits too long, they get mushy–but that is not usually a problem around here.


There you have it…Norweigen Goulash, Venison Hotdish, Cardamom Stew…Give it a try.

Sincerely, Sara

4 thoughts on “Cardamom Venison ‘lash

  1. Sara, I adore any game meat – especially venison! Cardamom is now one of my favorite spices. I was introduced to it through a Persian friend and never looked back. I put it in many baked goods and savory stew. The bright colors of the stew look fabulous. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 – Shanna

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