Thanks and Giving

You Slicers know that I love my mantle. I love to change it every month and celebrate. The boys have helped me decorate and plan our holidays. We had a wonderful Saturday evening working on a few projects.

The Thanks

I got the pretty paper leaves at Dollar Tree. I took apart a cinnamon broom from Trader Joe’s, and added my pine cones, turkey feathers, pumpkins, deer and turkey and the usual suspects. This smells so good and gives the whole house a warm holiday feeling.

There is my view while writing this blog post. Slippers on. Now let me tell you about what else we did that day.

The Giving

So, I wish I could take credit for coming up with all the great ideas for giving and helping, but I can’t–Our Church each month has a new focus either around the world or in our back yard, helping, sharing, giving. This month we were given shoe boxes to fill for little boys on the other side of the globe that get nothing else…ever. The boys and I had so much fun collecting boy treasure. We hit the dollar store, the stocking stuffer bin at Target and Walgreens. My elves spent $12 each and we added a school picture, note and a check to cover postage. Operation Christmas Child 2013 was a gift to us.

These are the good times–the calm before the storm of the Holidays. We got so much joy from giving and we have plenty.

What are your favorite things to share during the season of giving?

Sincerely, Sara

4 thoughts on “Thanks and Giving

  1. How wonderful of your little ones to help with this “giving” project.
    Love your mantle! I really should decorate mine more often than just at Christmas….

  2. I love sharing my baked goods with the folks that don’t typically get homemade goodies. I can only imagine how this little box is going to brighten some little guys day for many days to come.

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