November School Snacks to Gobble



This year I am trying to make something special for my kids school snacks each month. My kids really like searching for our next project and we count and sort and talk and laugh and nibble while we are doing them each month. This month after our pinterest  pins were reviewed we picked Ice-cream Cone Cornucopia Snacks. There are plenty of examples on the internet to choose from and the directions vary.


I need about 40 snacks. I make a few extra because I know the chances of them all arriving safely to the classroom are slim. We choose popcorn, pumpkin gummies and candy corn to fill our horns of plenty. My preschooler counted out our baggies while my second grader popped our kettlecorn.

Directions on the internet included using a steamer, or dipping in warm water. I found dipping them in simmering water for about 30 seconds, then microwave…

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