November is National Adoption Month – A Mother’s Story part 1

November is National Adoption Month – A Mother’s Story  part 1

I have loved and cared for kids as far back as I can remember and always planned or hoped to have at least a half a dozen.  God was generous and gave me two natural-born daughters but the desire for more didn’t leave.  When the opportunity to adopt came my way, I was ecstatic.  I shared this opportunity with my husband and two daughters and the family decision was unanimous. We had about 7 months to pray for this child that was becoming a part of our family in an unconventional way. 

miraculously my own

When I met her at two days old she was crying, and I swooped her into my arms and told it that it was ok and Mommy had her.  She snuggled close and the crying stopped.  I knew she was mine.  She settled into a home full of doting sisters and parents who loved her even more because of the journey she had taken to get to us.

From the beginning we told her that she was adopted (sent to us in a special way) and we were so grateful to God and to her birth mother for giving us our “little ray of sunshine.”  Our lives have been greatly enriched by this opportunity.


Our little gal has turned into a wonderful woman. Adoption holds a special place in my heart.  It isn’t for everyone but when it is……..what blessings and opportunities abound.

photo 19



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