November is National Adpotion Month–a Sister’s story part 3

November is National Adpotion Month–a Sister’s story part 3





The Big or Oldest (neither sound that great) sister’s story

On a hot summer July afternoon in 1983, our Mom called us in to tell us that we might have a sister or a brother on the way. We were never more excited. We had to keep it a secret and we had kept a secret that big…never!  Next came that cold gray November afternoon when the phone rang. Our Dad answered, “Yes, that is great news, Yes we are thrilled, her name is Hannah”. A and I squeezed each other so tight in our eavesdropping spot. Those next few days before Thanksgiving break were the hardest, I thought we were going to explode the good news all over the place. Mom and Dad went to bring her home and A and I were left to get ready. Commotion on the front porch brought us running but instead of finding our sister we found a porch full of gifts for our family. Baby furniture, bottles,formula, clothes and toys. It was like a fairy tale.

When our parents finally arrived they brought this squirming bundle of peach colored blankets into the living room and unwrapped the greatest gift we had ever been given a serious dark-eyed perfect little baby girl. In that moment our family went from ordinary to extraordinary. I was her helper, teacher and protector well at least until she was six or seven and was smarter, stronger and braver than me!

After each one of my stooges were born I took a bit of time and thought about my sister and her birth mother. What a brave thing, what a selfless act. She changed our lives, my life forever for the better.

Today we are so different and the same. We have the same history and love in our hearts that started growing before Hannah was even born!


Big, Old Sister Sara

The middle sister’s story

I’m 5 and the baby of the family. I want so badly to have a baby sister. I need someone to boss, love, sleep with, etc. During this time I also was learning about Hannah in Sunday School, how she prayed so hard for a son and the Lord gave her one. I quickly put 2 + 2 together and I start treckkin up to the altar after each and every church service (3 a week, that’s another story).


My prayer is simple, “Please, oh please, oh please God – please give me a baby sister” Let’s remember that I’m 5. Sometimes I would mix it up with the, “I promise I’ll be good. I’ll stop suffocating Sara. I’ll obey my mom and I’ll stop irritating my Dad”. After almost 3 years, my prayers, my relentless prayers turned to, “Jesus can I please just have a sister for Christmas? I’ll never ask for anything again ever.”

I was raised not to believe in Santa or fairy tales so as an 8-year old I was already a cynical unbeliever (except for in JC of course).   Until…

One Saturday, during a “family clean the house” – my mom calls us into the living room to tell us a “baby is on the way”. I was in shock for like 1 second and then I remember rolling around on the wool carpeting like Curly in the three stooges – a whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop. My prayers were answered. This was truly a miracle. We pledged our word not to tell a soul and were instructed to keep praying. As with the arrival of any new baby there can be hiccups, so keep praying.

Immediately Sara and I began to pour over names. In my heart I knew she should be named Hannah, Sara wanted Mary Anne – can you say, Gilligan’s Island???

The day had arrived, mom and dad left to pick up my baby sister. I could hardly contain myself. I already loved her and we hadn’t yet met.

I have this vivid, life-like memory of mom laying down a small, quiet, warm bundle that was wrapped in a peach blanket. I sat down beside her and when I opened this gift I cried tears of Joy.IMG_9722

I had so much fun with this kid and to this day she remains one of my very best friends. We have shared a life together and that was a gift I’ll thank her birth mother for someday.

It’s awesome being a big sister,

Amusingly, Amy

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