Thankful To Be Burdened for Saeed



Have you heard of him? Pastor Saeed Abedini has been jailed in Iran for the last year and then some, for professing Jesus. He was convicted of intentionally undermining the security of Iran through gatherings of Christians in private homes. What do you profess? Where do you call home?

Keeping the home fires burning is his wife, Naghmeh. How this young mother does it is a mystery to me. So burdened to be his voice. Governments are taking notice, but alas, he remains in one of the most deadly prisons in the world. He was moved from Evin prison a couple of weeks ago to a prison where inmate violence kills people almost daily. 

There have been some encouraging developments as of late. Will you commit to pray for him, his wife and their two small children. There are about 7 people who read this blog. Please go and look…

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